It will not really come as a shock that this blog site is all about sports. My goal is to fill this up with everything and anything connected with sports. I won’t simply be taking a look at sports subjects because there will be some articles about the impact of sports in our society in general. You could have some articles about sports in general, rumors and my own personal opinions about certain issues.

Sports can actually impact the various parts of our society and there is even some sporting rivalry that spills in to religious or political encounters. I’m not really here to judge whether this is a good or bad thing, but it’ll mean that the world of sports can affect different parts of society.

It’s been many years since I first began writing on the internet. At that time it was a means for me to convey my feelings and my love for sport in general to a wider audience.

This blog site actually began from very humble beginnings. In the beginning, I was working full-time elsewhere and writing my sports blog posts in whatever spare time I could find. I have become very fortunate to see that my little web site has already grown into something more considerable.

For those who want to begin their own web site, I’d give you some words of wisdom.

You should never give up with your blogging. You shouldn’t lose hope because making your web site an authority will never be a simple task and it will take years. During the first couple of years, you cannot expect lots of individuals to stop by your site as well. You should have a clear goal in your mind and you may expect that this can help you keep going.

You shouldn’t really expect a lot from your web site, particularly when you are just a beginner. If your motivation in setting up a blog is earning a lot of money right away, you’ll surely be dissatisfied. Actually, after I began blogging, I didn’t even know that I would earn money from this since I only wish to share my knowledge in sports.

The most pleasing rewards that I’d get from all the time and effort spent on this web site are your feedbacks and comments. So I would like to encourage or beg you to allow me to know your reactions to the material that I publish here.

It will not matter if you agree or disagree with the posts that I make since I would really wish to know your reaction about this. I’m looking forward to reading and replying to the comments and feedback that you will make.

You could also allow me to know which sports you will like me to write about. I’m receptive to suggestions so long as it is related to sports in some way.

I am also open to your guest posts since this is how I got my break. If you have any distinct views or ideas that you will like to contribute this web site, please allow me to have them.

I promise that I will read all the articles that you’ll submit and offer my very own constructive criticism and suggestions. If the article is quite good, it’ll surely be released with full credits back to you as the author.

Welcome to my web site and I hope that you will find your time well spent in here while you’re reading my articles.